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The White Mill blog was a unique space set up to showcase and document the renovation of The White Mill. All aspects of the renovation were documented including design, demolition, construction and finishing. The process began in September of 2009 and continued until completion in June 2010. The blog feed below is a collection of all of The White Mill posts, and is reposted with the kind permission of The White Mill Blog for your convenience.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

6 Months; Hard to Imagine

Today marks six months since the day we moved out. It is hard to believe how quickly 1/2 a year has flown by and how much has taken place. I remember the day we moved out and, quite frankly, it was terrible. Looking back now, it was completely worth it! Although six months ago I was dreading the road ahead (construction nightmares are commonplace, as are temporary living arrangement challenges) we have been amazingly fortunate; our builder and his team has been amazing and our hosts have been great. All things considered, the last 6 months have been as smooth as you could ever hope.

That said, lately we have been feeling like anxious kids on Christmas Eve. As the pieces have all come together, it is very exciting to think that very soon we will be home... and what a great home it is going to be!

Starting with the Kitchen... The appliances are all in and hooked up (including a last minute dishwasher substitution), the butcher block and crown molding have been installed, and the soapstone countertops have been templated and will probably be installed by our next posting. Here are some pictures:

On the Bathroom front, the wainscoting is installed in our bathroom and in the guest bathroom the vanity and tile have been installed:

On the exterior, the new garage doors have been installed and we now have nice stairs leading up from the driveway to the mudroom:

Finally, inside the paint is going up quickly. Here are some of the rooms that are completed:

Living Room (Benjamin Moore Nantucket Fog):

South Guest Bedroom (Benjamin Moore Lake Placid):

North Guest Bedroom (Benjamin Moore Bone White):

And our bedroom (Benjamin Moore Carrington Beige):

Over the course of the next month, the painting will continue, floors will be finished, lighting and other finishing touches will be installed all leading up to what no doubt will become the focal point of our new house... the installation of the home audio system! (why should I even try to fight it?!?)

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