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The White Mill blog was a unique space set up to showcase and document the renovation of The White Mill. All aspects of the renovation were documented including design, demolition, construction and finishing. The process began in September of 2009 and continued until completion in June 2010. The blog feed below is a collection of all of The White Mill posts, and is reposted with the kind permission of The White Mill Blog for your convenience.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Oh, yeah, we are moved in...

OK, kind of embarrassed to see that the last post was from the first week in May, but in our defense we have been busy moving in, unpacking, and other stuff like that.

Tonight I mowed the lawn and then took some pictures of the exterior. In a future post, I may do some side by side before and after comparisons, but at the rate I am posting that could be in December.

That's it for now... we will post some more pictures of the interior and maybe some plans... soon!

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